p:ear Gallery show

I curated an art show in the p:ear gallery that is up right now through September. It features artist’s whose work we would like to use during the filming of Pocket Girl (see film page, or better yet, go to pocketgirlmovie.com). Anyways. Go see the show.


p:ear – 338 NW 6th Ave

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artists involved include:

Sam Tudyk

Cin Shepherd

Daniel Jamieson

Leslie Vigeant


p:ear youth & staff

Scribble it Down: Parallel Lives

For the past 9 months or so I have been part of an ongoing, international, online collaboration. The premise is a little bit like the game Exquisite Corpse where we are working in tandem on one another’s images, building up, adding and subtracting. This was a little like a crash course in photoshop for me which was interesting and often frustrating but also a really good exercise in project that is so outside my normal vein of work. I have a lot of mixed feelings about all of it, but I am also really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring new ways of making.

Anyways, should you be interested here is the link to that:


The site tells the story a bit, gives some insights from those involved and shows the progression of each work. You may recognize members of my family in the images, I really put my life into it as a theme.


here are the images in order – the stages I got  them with my layer on top…

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Dreamland presents a week of performance at Weird Shift

July 27th – August 1st we will inhabit the Weird Shift Storefront space at 201 N Alberta St. We are curating a series of events that act as micro-examinations into how culture and technology are shifting the structure of relationships.

They are performances, intimate interactions, warm, welcoming invitations and explorative forms of communication.

as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.15.25 AMCome, see some exciting experiments in performance and interaction.


p.s. we are still excepting text message submissions  until Friday, July 23rd. We have found the easiest method of submitting is to  take a series of screen captures and send them to us. All submissions will be assumed anonymous unless otherwise stated (for that the seems the general consensus).

email submissions: amyconwayart@gmail.com


Some recent projects

These projects have been more home based/family/holiday projects. But, they are still my art.

For more info: http://artlifefamily.wordpress.com/

Home: (an excavation) 1984 – 1989

MFA Practicum Installation

Home: (an excavation) 1984-1989.  (2013) Installation.  Hydrastone, fabric, 2×4’s, dirt, pier blocks.

This project was an abstracted reconstruction of a home I lived in from 1984 – 1989. The time in that house held many traumatic experiences and the memory to have a strong hold on life 25/30 years later.  By studying the house, its shape, location and the people in it (my family) through memory, conversation, maps, county records and whatever date I could find, I attempted to change my relationship to the memory in that/of that home and to create a new understanding and new memory of place and time.