Some recent projects

These projects have been more home based/family/holiday projects. But, they are still my art.

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Home: (an excavation) 1984 – 1989

MFA Practicum Installation

Home: (an excavation) 1984-1989.  (2013) Installation.  Hydrastone, fabric, 2×4′s, dirt, pier blocks.

This project was an abstracted reconstruction of a home I lived in from 1984 – 1989. The time in that house held many traumatic experiences and the memory to have a strong hold on life 25/30 years later.  By studying the house, its shape, location and the people in it (my family) through memory, conversation, maps, county records and whatever date I could find, I attempted to change my relationship to the memory in that/of that home and to create a new understanding and new memory of place and time.

History: Timeline, Map & Emotional Graph

Hydrastone, 2 x 4s, burlap, canvas, thread, wall paper, yarn, 18″ x 12″ x 15″. 2012.

These are images from my corner of the mid-year open house.  It was the end of the term show – an installation.

This work is related to Home: (an excavation) 1984 – 1989, which was the thesis project for my graduate degree. This work was the physical working out of data I had been gathering about my own personal history; the timeline graph depicting every house I lived in and which parent I lived with; the map showing where we lived, a rough blueprint/outline of certain homes and the dates I lived in each; and lastly the emotional graph acting as graph for the emotional turmoil connected to one specific home and period of time.

Mapping Project

I put a map up in the studio and asked my classmates and any visitors to mark the places in the world they have lived.  I provided needles threaded with a neon green thread and everyone stitched their cities they lived in, creating connecting lines between each place.

(world map, canvas, acrylic gel medium, thread)

The Bears – matted