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playing with food: eating our work

I went on a residency at Cucalorus in North Carolina August 3-14 called Playing With Food: Eating Our Work. I wasn’t sure what the residency would be and I didn’t have a specific project in plan. I had thoughts, research, knowledge about food issues both nationally and globally and a ton of possible ideas but no plan.

I think it’s hard to explain because it was work but it was also emotional, it became connection, relationship, support, laughter, storytelling, crying, dancing, swimming, singing madness. And it was necessary. My pal Liz wrote about it for Nashville Arts Magazine : “I WENT TO THE OCEAN AND FELL IN LOVE WITH THIRTEEN PEOPLE.”

I think that sums it up in may ways.

So what work did I do? I wrote, I drew, I took pictures, I talked and talked and thought and thought. It was process. And, it was magic. The pictures of moments, documentation of time and adventure and play.

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Detroit Residency

I spent 3 weeks in Detroit in May (2016) at Spread Art. While there I moved in two directions, mostly. The first was that of engaging in acts of exploration – walking, occasionally by bike, later by car and sometimes with people.  This is Spread:


Spread Art

The second direction was towards drawing. I spent my time in my studio working on large drawings and my evenings, when I struggled to sleep, making small doodling and meditative drawings. Here are two examples:




Click here to see more pictures of the drawings I worked on while at Spread Art in Detroit. For now, you can venture to this blog and risk falling into my wildly wandering ramblings.

School Of Making Thinking Residency

RE-RE-MAKE: An Immersive Performance Lab

June 16 – July 6, 2015, Roscoe, New York

I created and participated in a number of performances and performance experiments. I am gathering documentation as I go.

Here is the second performance I did as a response to a peer’s first performance at the residency. I wrote and read something I wrote in response to the prior performance and presented an activity to symbolize change and forward motion. People were invited to put on either a wedding dress or a giant blue jumpsuit and dive down a water slide (it was fun).

And, I have a few pictures from the last performance I did.

Story Telling Machine

My story telling was powered by the physical activity of others. It was an experiment and the first enactment of a project I will continue to build on.

I’ll add more as I can.